4x4 Route

The 4x4 Route is a circular route of 40km, starting at the farmstead, and climbing from 670m above sea level to 1400m above sea level. After 4km, on the two-wheel track, you arrive at the foot of the mountain through the Karoo veld. From here it is a four-wheel drive route, that gains height southerly, as far as to the top of the Bont Berg, with its 300 hectare plateau. There are a few places where a low gear ratio is essential. The view over the Ceres Karoo and the Touws River Plain is unforgettable and incredibly enchanting.

You find yourself on the watershed between two oceans. Then the more difficult part of the route starts — from here the downhill trail twists through exceptional rock formations, to the foot of Kerneels Kloof with the Seerpootjie Hut. The route then leads east up the mountain where you drive through Echo Kloof along a zigzag road, before the route spirals back down to the Karoo plains.

40km circle route

Degree of difficulty:
Good (experience required)

One day (6-8 Hours)

Cell phone reception:
Only at the top of the Bontberg

The Route

1. Gate
2. Office/Reception
3. 4x4 left, camping right
4. 4x4 Start
5. Diepkloof
6. Ribbok, Klipspringer and Vaalribbok
7. Necklace parking
8. Pink Table Mountain sandstone - Two Oceans Hut is situated close by.
9. Wave rock
10. Hiking Trail
11. Hike to the Seerpootjie Hut (6km)
12. Beacon
13. Viewpoint
14. Ideal lunch stop, difficult section begins.
15. Seerpootjie Hut
16. Echo Kloof
17. Viewpoint
18. End of the 4x4 Route
19. Camping site
20. Short-cut to the start of the 4x4 Route.

From the start (no 2) to the top of the mountain (no 7) - 2 hour est.
From the start (no 2) to no 14 - 3 hours.
From the start (no 2) to the Seerpootjie Hut (no 15) - 4 hours.
From the start (no 2) to the end - 5 hours.
* note: times above are when you don't stop to enjoy the scenery.


Get out of the view points - no 13 is special.
Turn back at no 14 if your nerves are not good and if you don't trust your vehicle. The difficult part of the road begins here.
At the gliding sign: (A) Get out and fill the holes with rocks. (B) Put your vehicle into low range, 1st and diff lock. (C) Never touch the clutch and use the brakes sparingly. (D) There are only two sections like this.
A steep section follows the Seerpootjie Hut - use the less rocky part of the road. The most difficult section ends here.