Vaalkloof has an abundance of animal life. On the plains you will find some of the Karoo animals such as the Springbok (10+), Tortoise, Porcupine, Steenbok, Ostrich (4), Eland (160+), Gemsbok (18+) and Duiker. The mountains are rich with Klip-springers, Grey Rhebok, Leopard and Black Eagles. Water holes and cribs provide excellent bird watching oppertunities.

Mammals on the Vaalkloof Nature Reserve

Vaakloof lies in the transition between the Fynbos biome and the Karoo biome. This transition results in a diversity of habitats, thus a high variety of animal species occur - a total of 72 possible species. The Cape Fold Mountain Cluster, in which the Bontberg Range lies, has a number of endemics, particulary those with very restricted habitats.

The majority of endemics are small mammals and many of them are listed as Red Data species. The sandy soils of the Fynbos and Karoo biomes support a diversity of moles, mole rats and other rodents. These small mammals prey mainly on the bulbs and corms of geophytes and the seeds of Fynbos and Karoo flora.

Fifteen small predators and the larger leopard are predicted to occur on Vaalkloof - a surprising diversity of carnivores, which is indicative of the prey diversity and density.

The antelope indigenous to the area consist of the highly selective Grey Rhebok, Grysbok, Common Duiker, Steenbok and Klipspringer. Eland, Gemsbok and Springbok Have been introduced to the Reserve.

Red Data Species

The following Red Data animal species are to be found on the Vaalkloof Nature Reserve:

Honey badger
African wild cat
Small-spotted cat
Spectacled dormouse
Namaqua plated lizard
White stork
Black stork
Martial Eagle

Bird Life

Bird life on the Vaalkloof Nature Reserve, South Africa

The transition area between the Karoo and Fynbos biomes, supports a richer diversity of bird life than either of them in isolation. A Total of 149 bird species have been recorded to date.

Fynbos endemics, such as the Cape Siskin, Protea Canary, the Cape Sugerbird and the Orange-breasted Sunbird, are found in this area, while typical Karoo/arid zone endemics, such as the Karoo Lark, Pale-winged Starling, Black-headed Canary, Kelkiewyn, Karoo Robin, Karoo Korhaan and the Namaqua Prinia, also visit this area.

Birds often found in the Vaalkloof Private Nature Reserve

Namaqua Sandgrouse

Francolinus capensis
Cape Francolin
Kaapse Fisant
Eupodotis afra
Black Korhaan
Swart Korhaan
Pterocles namaqua
Namaqua Sandgrouse
Columba guinea
Rock Pigeon
Oena capensis
Namaqua Dove
Namakwa Duifie

Rock Kestral

Colius indicus
Red-faced Mousebird
Corvus capensis
Black Crow
Swart Kraai
Corvus albu
Pied Crow
Chaetops frenatus
Cape Rockjumper
Kaapse Berglyster
Nectarinia violacea
Orange-breasted Sunbird
Oranjebors Suikerbekkie


Nectarinia chalybea
Lesser Double-collard Sunbird
Klein Rooiborssuikerbekkie
Serinus canicollis
Cape Canary
Kaapse Kanarie
Serinus totta
Cape Siskin
Kaapse Pietjiekanarie
Serinus alario
Black-headed Canary
Swartkop Kanarie
Sernius sulpharatus
Bully Canary

Cape Bunting

Emberiza impetuani
Cape Bunting
Hirundo fuligula
Rock Martin
Hirundo rustica
European/barn Swallow
Europese Swael
Charadrius tricollaris
Threebanded Plover