Day 1:
13km (13 176 kj) 7 hours est.
You arrive at the foot of the mountain by own car. From here the route gains height southerly as far as the top of Bont Berg with a plateau spanning approximately 300 hectare. On this plateau you may enjoy lunch and a few minutes of relaxation. The path leads up to the top of Kerneels Kloof, with its breeding pair of black eagles and fresh fountain water (seasonal). From here the trail twists through exceptional rock formations, gorges passage ways and wooden ladders, as far as Suicide Kloof. At the foot lies Kerneels Kloof and the Seerpootjie Hut.

Day one may be broken up into two days - the first day a walk of 8km to the Fontein Hut (overnight) and then on the following day a hike of 5km up to the Seerpootjie Hut.

Day 2:
7.3km (9141 kj) 4 hours est.
Tierkloof with its rock ponds in winter and upright cliffs, leads the path up the mountain with beautiful views and enjoyment of nature. The route spirals back down to the Karoo plains. On your way back to the Opstal Hut you can have a refreshing swim in the farm dam.